We utilise movement to assess and to treat

Your movement patterns tell us a story - A story unique to you. We therefore deconstruct your movement patterns, and prescribe an individual correction plan. Targeting the causation of your injury/illness allow you to correct the pattern, and achieve long-term care.

Treatment Modalities

- Functional movement Screening (FMS), and MAT Screening tools for all assessments

Sub-maximal aerobic and strength testing for chronic disease risk

Clinical pilates for chronic back pain, core stability and injury rehabilitation

Crossover symmetry for shoulder rehabilitation

Trigger flossing for hip/knee pain/general muscular sprains

Hydrotherapy for osteoporosis and post orthopaedic surgery

Strong bones program for osteoporosis

Lungs in action for COPD and heart disease

Diabetes Func Fit for Type 2 Diabetes and obesity