Highly professional evidence based care


- We pride ourselves on continuously up-skilling and evolving our care

- Treatments are based on the most scientific up-to-date evidence

- We guarantee a highly professional service, with in-depth individual treatment plans

- We care about your health, let us prove it to you

What We've Achieved

We are incredibly proud of over six years of successfully treating a truly diverse range of clientele in the Redland Bay area. We are proud to help people on their movement journey, helping improve quality of life and allowing them to live the life they want to lead. Some programs we have run over the last six years include:

  • Functional strength for Hip/knee programs

  • Diabetes fitness program

  • Cardiopulmonary health program

  • Strong bones for Osteoporosis program

  • Clinical Pilates for chronic back pain

  • Cross-over symmetry for shoulder health